Our Gathering Location for 2016

Reserved Dates: 16, 17, 18 September, 2016

We, the Men of The Leadership Council, are excited and pleased to announced the selection of Camp 5 in the Prince William Forest Park (in our Nation's National Park system) near Triangle, Virginia as the setting of our 2016 Chesapeake Men's Gathering! We have confirmed reservations from the National Park Service for this beautiful campground.

We gave very careful consideration before changing our Gathering location this year.
~ First is the rustic character of the Camp, which we believe will provide a better atmosphere for our gathering than Camp Round Meadow. It is strongly reminiscent of Buffalo Gap.
~ Secondly, this Camp is about half the distance from DC as Camp Round Meadow.
~ And Thirdly, our costs are less than Round Meadow and will allow us to make a our fees as reasonable as in the past.

About the Cabin Camps

Four of the five cabin camps in Prince William Forest Park are listed on the National Register of Hisoric Places. Each camp is composed of group of wood, stone, and brick structures constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration workers of the Great Depression. The camps were built as summer camps that the government hoped would instill the poor children of Washington, DC with the 'character and health-building' benefits of the great outdoors. In World War II, the camps were used by the Office of Strategic Services as a spy training area.

Cabin Camp 5 was the last camp to be completed by the CCC and WPA. The camp offers the largest capacity (212 in summer, 104 in winter) due to the large dorm buildings and bathrooms. This is also the only camp with heat which allows this camp to be rented year round. This is also the only camp to have an outdoor picnic pavilion located inside the camp.

We cordially invite men, and boys and youth with men, to join us at our Gathering the weekend of Friday through Sunday, September 16, 17, & 18, 2016.

Do you have questions about the Gathering? Please connect with info@menswork.org.

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The Chesapeake Men's Gathering - 2016

We invite you to join us for the 26th Annual Chesapeake Men's Gathering. Established in 1990, this powerful weekend retreat has brought together thousands of men to share our dreams, discuss our challenges, and rediscover the fire that motivates us and drives our lives. Some may remember this as the Buffalo Gap Men's Gathering. Men of all ages and walks of life are welcome.

This retreat offers a time for men to come together in friendship and brotherhood, share our joys, discuss our challenges, and rediscover the fire that motivates us and drives our lives.

During the weekend we take time to deeply explore and celebrate what it means to be man. We ask important and tough questions, have fun, enjoy camaraderie and experience true and genuine connection to other men. This is an opportunity for deep personal growth and spiritual renewal. It is a place to celebrate all that it means to be a man.

Video Testimonials: Men Share About Our Gathering

Our own Paul Scribner recently sat down to talk with you about his experiences at our Men's Gatherings!


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If you are interested in being part of a community of powerful and authentic men seeking to become their best selves and make a difference in the world, then this is the place for you. We come together in friendship and for personal growth, connection, sharing of our gifts, all in a beautiful and natural setting. Boys ages 5 and older, in the guardianship of a man, are welcome.


  1. Explore simple things you can do to have more, optimism, courage, joy, passion or love in my life during the next year.
  2. Be in the presence of strong and authentic men who really care and really listen.
  3. Create lifelong friendships that continue outside of the gathering.
  4. Participate in a small group led by a skilled facilitator. These groups provide an opportunity for more personalized connection and sharing in a safe space.
  5. Join our many whole group activities, including story telling, poetry, a bonfire ritual and talking stick time, where men can speak from the heart.
  6. Fathers and guardians are invited to bring their sons ages 5 and older to participate in a safe semi-structure program for boys.
  7. Participate in one of several workshops including Breathwork, a powerful technique that allows you to get in touch with and release emotions stored in your body.
  8. Experience a variety of activities that encourage and honor your uniqueness, and encourage your to share the passions, paths and purposes that enrich your life.
  9. You deserve a weekend dedicated to your personal growth and to reclaiming your personal power.
"When my son was born I got to thinking, 'Where can I go where my son will have other supportive men to mentor him? I can't do this by myself!' I remembered hearing about the Men's Gathering and decided to take my son when he turned 5. He's now 13, and not only has he wanted to go back every year since, but I've found it's just as important to me! Nowhere else have we found such an amazing community of genuine, supportive men who really care."

Are you involved in other men's work related activities?

And finally, don't let financial circumstances keep you away - scholarships and work exhanges are available. Please email Kent Hudson at scholarships_coordinator@menswork.org for details and to find out more.

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